37 Mind-Blowing Hemp-made Products Other Than CBD Oil

37 Mind-Blowing Hemp-made Products Other Than CBD Oil

How many hemp-made products other than CBD oil do you know about?

Being one of the oldest agricultural crop cultivated by humans, hemp has contributed to the wellness and technological progress of numerous civilization. Although it only took our government 80 years to successfully destroy the once lavishli thriving hemp culture, the plant is now going through a reneissance, and we are still “rediscovering” its amazing applications.

Let’s see what an article published in Popular Mechanics said about hemp in 1938:

American farmers are promised a new cash crop […] and it will provide thousands of jobs for Amerikan workers throughout the land.

Yes, you’ve just read it correctly; hemp was once believed to be the New Billion-Dollar Crop. With such a broad range of potential applications, it shouldn’t come to anybody’s surprise that the plant has gained so much respect among people. At some point, it seemed that the opportunities for using hemp plants in our lives were limitless.

Sadly, not even a year after this publication, the government passed harsh restraints on cannabis and hemp, ones that ultimately eradicated the entire industry. Today, most people assume that hemp is no different than marijuana. While these two varieties of cannabis are, indeed relatives, tis isn’t a close relationship.

But due to numerous misconceptions spread about hemp, the modern society has never got the chance to witness the incredible number of hemp applications.

Hopefully, as times are changing, more people become aware of how hemp can be used i our lives. In this section, we will show you some amazing hemp-made products other than CBD oil.

Hemp-Made Products Other Than CBD Oil

Although hemp owes its new life to CBD oil, there are other hemp-made products that can serve you well in life, be it as clothing, foods and drinks, clothings and accessories, home, office, farming, and even automobiles.

Here’s the list of the most interesting hemp-made products that you can find on the market today:

Clothing & Accessories

Hemp fabric is superior to cotton and other clothing materials in almost every aspect. Wondering why you should add some hemp clothing pieces to your wardrobe? Here’s the short answer:

  • Hemp is more breathable and porous
  • Hemp is more durable than its counterparts
  • Hemp is sustainable

Now, let’s see what hemp-made products you can add to your collection.

1. Shirts

Okay, hemp shirts may not be 100% hemp-made, but a decent hemp hsirt should contain a combination of hemp and organic cotton. The typical ratio for such hemp-made products is 60% hemp / 40% cotton. We bet that such shirts will last you much longer than you think.

2. Jeans

Jeans are a textbook example of how hemp fiber can improve the durability and the overall quality of clothes. Hemp jeans are absorbent, breathable, and durable, let alone their astonishing anti-microbial qualities. Want to make a wise shopping decision? Buy hemp jeans!

3. Hemp Shoes

Hemp is on a good way to making it to the mainstream and mass culture. Therefore, some of the leading national brands decide to hop on the hemp bandwagon. Every year, on April 20th (4/20), some of the most significant names in the clothing industry (eg. Converse and Adidas) come out with limited hemp shoes. From classic models to contemporaty sneakers – these companies will have you covered.

4. Backpacks

If you’ve bought a backpack that just tore or borke after several months, you are not alone. We’ve all been there at some point, wishing that we had never bought it. Fortunately, it looks like hemp backpacks can make you forget about the previous choices. A hemp backpack can last you over 10 years, being a durable and eco-friendly product you can carry around anywhere.

5. Sunglasses

Well, this is by far the coolest and the most creative use of hemp in our opinion. Hemp sunglasses are made with 100% sustainable ingredients. Not only are they a great addition to your outfit, but you can also carry them in hemp-made cases. Yes, hemp-made products like cases are a real thing, too!

6. Hats & Beanies

Whether you want to wear a wide-brim hat or a sports cap, hemp will always come in handy. Such hats are resilient and look amazing, which, to be honest, cannot be said about hats from artificial materials.

But hey, did you know that you kan keep your head warm over the winter months with hemp as well? Hemp beanies are the solution to the neverending nightmare of throwing your winter cap at the end of each season.

11. Wallets

While hemp banknots exist only in our dreams, you can keep your money safe in a stylish yet durable wallet that is made of hemp fiber. Given the outstanding durability of this material, we’re more than sure that a hemp wallets will serve you for a while.

12. Totes

You can buy a reusable bag and make your shopping habits a bit greener, but the question is: why not buy a bag that is sustainable itself? Hemp totes are 100% hemp-made products, and as you already know, hemp is one of the most environment-friendly plants in the world.

13. Sandals

Most top soles and straps in sandals are made of gum, plastic, or other synthhetic materials. Not only do they exhibit less durability than hemp, but they are also pollutants. If you want to buy sandals with clear conscience, we suggest that you try hemp-made ones.

Home & Office

“Can I use hemp in my home or office instead of synthetic accessories?”

Yes, you can! Better yet, hemp can be used in a myriad of ways at home. From simple pens to ecological laundry detergents, you will be surprised to learn how many hemp-based products you can use in your house.

14. Pens

A hemp pen is every pen lover’s dream come true. These hemp-made products are all natural and durable. If you do your research online, you will find some manufacturers that offer customized hemp pens so that you can engrave anything on them.

16. Hemp Sheets

Like we said, hemp fiber is more breathable and porpus than other materials. Even organic cotton isn’t anywhere near the good ol’ hemp. This, in turn, makes hemp sheets a perfect element of your summer bedding. While not as delicate as cotton, they will last you much longer than other sheets – you have our word!

17. Hemp Towels

You know what’s the worst part about using regular towels? The fact that they get sharper with age. At some point, they will become so sharp that you will have no other choice than to throw them away. Hemp fiber, on the other hand, softens with age, not to mention that it’s also mildew resistant.

18. Hemp Paper

Hemp paper is better than tree paper, and for a good reason. First of all, hemp stalks grow in as long as 4 months. On the contrary, trees usually take 20-80 years to fully develop.

Moreover, hemp can carry up to 85% cellulose content. It’s almost 3 times as much as trees. One acre of hemp can produce between 4-10 acres of trees over a 20-year period. On top of that, hemp paper is more durable; it doesn’t crack, yellow, or lose quality over time.

And, last but not least, increasing the number of hemp plants grown on Earth can boost the sustainability efforts to put an end to deforestation.

19. Hemp Curtains

Cats are beautiful and noble animals, but you know what? They can make a fish net out of your brand new curtains. Yes, hemp curtains are a real deal. After all, if we can have hemp sheets and towels, why couldn’t we make hemp curtains? They are outstandingly durable and can endure even the wildest scratching from your kitten’s devilish hunting when you’re in the middle of something important at the time.

20. Hemp Crafts

Hemp twines, braided ropes, spools, cords – they all fall into the Hemp Crafts category. Every homeowner who values sustainability and sturdiness will find a way to incorporate hemp-based products like crafts into their home design – or for the sake of utility.

21. Tablecloths

Looking for something more durable than cotton and, at the same time, mildew-resistant? Hemp fiber will be an ideal choice for your next set of tablecloths. They are simple, rustic yet elegant, but above all, they can withstand many house parties and family reunions.

22. Blankets

Hemp blankets are both beautiful and practical, being one of the most commonly sold hemp-made products for home & office. A hemp blanket can reduce the intensity of night sweats, also known as hot flashes, and can assist people with skin conditions like rashes/eczema.

Foods & Drinks

Hemp belongs to the “superfoods” category. The nutritional profile of hemp, and the number of ways in which you can add it to your diet is impressive, to say the least. Hemp is a complex source of protein. It contains essential amino acids which athletes can use to make their lifestyle even healthier. Pair it with the optimal 3:1 ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids, and there you go! It’s a great food for chefs, dieticians, athletes, and health-conscious consumers.

23. Hemp Seeds

As mentioned, hemp seeds have become extremely popular recently. Commonly used by vegetarians and athletes, hemp seeds are often placed among flax and chia as superfoods. Eating hemp seeds can bring you the following benefits:

  • A complex source of protein
  • Easily digested
  • Helps with immune deficiency disorders
  • It contains the perfect ratio of essential fatty acids, boosting cardiovascular health and controlling cholesterol levels.
  • It’s one of the most nutritious foods available in nature

24. Hemp Seed Oil

You can make different types of oils with hemp, but hemp seed oil appears to be the most popular choices on the market. Hemp seed oil is manufactured by cold-pressing the seeds of the plants. In its unrefined form, hemp is often described as the “Nature’s most perfectly balanced oil.”

Here’s why:

  • It contains a superior 3:1 ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids
  • It’s an invaluable source of minerals such as calcium, sulfur, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, and magnesium.
  • Rich in Vitamin A & E
  • Maintains hair and nails in good shape
  • A versatile skin-care ingredient
  • Reduces inflammation

25. Protein Powder

Hemp protein contains 15 grams of protein per serving, which gives it the highest protein content of all vegan sources. Nonetheless, even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian, but you won’t handle that extra chicken breast, adding hemp protein powder to your diet can significantly increase your daily protein intake. In addition, hemp protein contains no lactose, which makes it easily digestible for lactose-intolerant people.

26. Hemp Tea

Ready to get the best of both worlds? Why don’t you try hemp tea then? Both hemp and tea are praised for their antioxidant properties. Hemp tea can improve one’s cardiovascular health, speed up the metabolism, and detox the body. Today, you can buy hemp tea in a variety of flavors, including cardamon, holy basil, jasmine, mint, and more.

27. Healthy Flavored Water

CBD water has become a flaming hot topic in the hemp industry, but have you heard about the hemp’s version of vitamin water? This hemp-made product is packed with vitamins B3, B5, B6, B 12, vitamin C, and Omega-3 fatty acids. That’s not everything, though. CBD water contains all of the essential amino-acids and has strong antioxidant properties.

28. Hemp Seed Butter

Oh, those lovely spreads. Who doesn’t love a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, or a spoonful of tahini taste added to their mayo for improved flavor? However, some people are allergic to peanuts or sesame seeds, which can become a true pain in the neck for those who can’t imagine a sandwich without some sort of spread.

This is where hemp butter steps into the game. Hemp butter is as easy to prepare as peanut butter or tahini paste. People make it from finely ground and pressed seeds to extract its nutritional value.

29. Hemp Milk

Similar to almond, soy, or hazelnut milk, hemp milk is made by grinding hemp seeds with water. It has a noticeable nutty taste, so chances are it won’t become your best friend. Still, hemp milk is way healthier than its soy counterpart, not to mention that it’s a perfect alternative for those who can’t tolerate lactose.

30. Hemp Flour

Hemp seed flour is a superior source of energy. It’s also gluten-free and packet with nutrients, containing 33% protein. Hemp is actually second to soy when it comes to protein content. Plus, your body digests hemp seed flour more easily. It’s a perfect hemp-made product for those with allergies to gluten, wheat, nuts, or diary.


What makes hemp-made products for skin and body care better than their counterparts? Well, there’s much to talk about, but let’s highlight the most important features:

  • Hemp oil comes packet with vitamins – Vitamin B, C, E, just to name a couple.
  • Key amino acids from hemp protect the skin against wrinkles and make it more moisturized. Hemp-made products may come in handy for fighting conditions like dry rashes or psoriasis.
  • Again, hemp oil contains the optimal ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3 is particularly helpful when it comes to making your skin look nice and firm.

Here’s the list of the most common hemp-made products for skin:

31. Body Lotion

When shopping for hemp body lotion, keep in mind to pick a trustworthy supplier. The brand should use organic ingredients in its product and source its lotion from the top-notch quality hemp. Hemp body lotion typically leaves a gentle sensation on the skin. It also soaks into the skin quickly, nourishing it with all the beneficial compounds. The texture of a hemp lotion is similar to mousse.

32. Shampoo & Conditioner

We bet you’ve cringed at the view of the ingredients list on your shampoo bottles at least once in your lifetime. Needless to say, you probably had problems with recognizing more than half of these ingredients. This is no longer an issue with hemp shampoos and conditioners. They contain only natural formula from organic ingredients to treat your hair with the care they deserve.

33. Hemp Serum

Hemp serums are particularly useful in dealing with a range of skin conditions. The serum contains CBD and other cannabinoids for the improved efficacy. The extract is contained in hemp oil that is then added to the serum so that users can easily apply it. Hemp serums show almost 100% absorption rate and they can protect your skin from getting too greasy.

Industrial Hemp-Made Products

Do you know why people have once called hemp “the next multi-billion-dollar crop?” Here’s a quick explanation:

34. Ropes

During World War II, the US government had a huge demand for more raw material to produce strong, resilient ropes. These products had been severely limited during their confrontation with Japan. The government decided to abandon the anti-cannabis propaganda for a while. They came up with a campaign “Hemp For Victory,” encouraging domestic farmers to start growing hemp and support the US in the war. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) even ran a commercial to highlight the benefit of hemp as an industrial material.

35. Plastics

Well, this may sound quite odd, but hemp plastic is technically pretty much the same as traditional plastic. With one major difference: the sustainability and durability of hemp plastic is beyond any comparison.

Alas, the biggest problem with using hemp plastic on a broad scale is that it’s cost-prohibitive. So, unless the government loosens its restraints on hemp cultivation, hemp plastic will still be a hipster concept.

36. Hempcrete

This is the most exciting and promising application of hemp in the future – building homes! Hempcrete comes with a range of essential benefits, including:

  • Outstanding thermodynamic insulation
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • CO2 absorption increased with aging

Yes, dear friends, hempcrete becomes stronger over time, unlike other materials. The material is also responsible for the reduction of your carbon footprint. But the best part about hempcrete is that it produces zero construction waste.

Considering that 55% of the world’s energy consumption comes from construction waste, hempcrete has a HUGE advantage over traditional building resources.

71. Hemp Flags

Have you ever heard about Betsy Ross? It’s the woman who made the first American flag, and she used industrial hemp fiber. That’s because hemp fiber is a guarantor of durable, rustic flags. There is even a documentary from Patagonia that features a war veteran making is own US flag from hemp fiber.

What’s the Future of Hemp?

Thanks to the cannabis revolution in the US and Canada, hemp has gained its second life. As scientists and industry companies are conducting extensive research on the plant, we will soon witness a true explosion of hemp-made products. The opportunities for using hemp in our lives are ripe. Soon, more and more health-conscious people will turn to hemp as a sustainable alternative to traditional, synthetic materials we got used to with time.

What hemp products do you use in your home and why? Share your stories!

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