5 Amazing Tips on How to Fall Asleep Easily

5 Amazing Tips on How to Fall Asleep Easily

The present-day era has somehow caused us to switch up our priorities. Even though medicine is at its most advanced state ever, the imbalance between the crucial points of maintaining our health has gone astray. With a very demanding social system, we as a civilization have grown value strain, fatigue, and hard work more than the things that actually benefit our health. In such a money-chasing craze, we seem to have omitted the most important building block of our organism – sleep.

Through a strange cultural switch, we began being used to viewing fatigue as a weakness. He who needs to sleep is deemed less professionally capable than those who have the ability (or stubbornness) to stay awake. However, despite the immense professional benefits and accolades, we seem to rack up, our organism is the one who suffers in the end. Therefore, all the stress that builds up as time passes by just makes it more difficult to sleep when we actually need to.

At that point, it’s pointless to contemplate the possible outcomes of you sleeping regularly when you needed to. When your circadian rhythm is disrupted, you are in desperate need of a quick fix. Thinking about that big meeting tomorrow isn’t going to help the cause at all. Thus, you need an easy and efficient way to fall asleep. In order to provide your organism with additional and better rest, you should take a look at these five tips. They’re not even nearly complex and help you establish the deep sleep your body yearns for so badly.

1. Take a warm shower

There is a common belief that being exposed to heat creates discomfort. This is most likely true, as the majority of us can’t stand snoozing in an overly warm room. But, in this case, being exposed to heat can actually help what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’ve been desperate for a new way to ease your drift into the Dreamworld, look no further. Trying a hot shower can be an efficient difference maker.

The science behind this lies in the relaxing and warming feeling of the water. But, that’s not even the end of the whole explanation. By walking out of a hot bathroom into a cold room, you will feel a strange feeling of discomfort. Your wet skin will crave some warm bed sheets. As soon as you accomplish that late night shower and roll yourself into bed, you won’t even notice how fast you’ll snooze.

2. Get rid of everything electronic at least 60 minutes before bed

We get it; there is no way to suppress the urge to watch some Netflix before bed. Although this is understandable and might even soothe you, it might also be the root of your sleeping issues. Having fun on your smartphone or computer late at night puts additional strain on your brain, body, and eyes. It seems illogical that an episode of Game of Thrones can irritate your brain so much, doesn’t it?

Indeed it does, but you may need to look a little deeper into the problematic of the entire issue. Your brain needs relaxation before sleep. Despite being used to it, you can’t expect your brain to just shut down after doing something for a longer period of time. It needs gradual relaxation. In order to sleep better, try reading a book or walking around your yard. Relaxation and purity will ensue quickly.

3. CBD oil

If you’re having severe sleeping issues, you’ve probably been looking for some medical aids. Sure, there are lots of drugs meant to facilitate sleep, but many of them possess adverse effects. Usually, the pills that are available at your local chemist’s are known to cause other issues. Memory lapses, sweating, hormonal issues – all this can attribute to using artificial remedies for your sleeping problems.

In order to fall asleep easily, you should look at some natural remedies. CBD oil, a cannabis extract, is one such remedy that some people found effective in recent years. It possesses no psychoactive effects like marijuana or similar products. Also it has a relaxing effect, so you will find it easier to fall asleep.

4. Get up and do something for ten minutes

Our brain, despite being our closest ally, can sometimes work hard against us and sabotage our plans. This is especially true when it comes to sleeping. If you’ve been having sleeping issues for a prolonged period of time, an even more serious problem can emerge. If you have a habit of lying awake in bed, your brain will stop associating your bed sheets with sleep. It will become used to being awake in that position.

This is something that can prolong insomnia and similar issues. In order to make your brain understand the connection between bed and rest, you have to take extreme measure. Although it may be hard, every time you can’t fall asleep, get out of bed. Read something, play something and challenge your mind. After ten minutes, return. After a few nights, your brain will start associating being asleep with your bed and everything will be okay.

5. Hide the clock

“Oh look at the time, if I fall asleep in ten minutes, I will sleep for 6 hours…” One hour later… “Hmmm, if I by any chance snooze now, it will be a good five hours of sleep” And so on… It’s time to break it to you all – looking at the clock all the time does you no good. By calculating the available sleep time, you only cause additional stress and strain on your brain. Having no temporal awareness in bed will only help you.

Therefore, the alarm clock should be far away from your bedside. Also, it would be good to plug your phone into a socket that is on the far end of the room. That way, you won’t be inclined to cast a glance on the time every few seconds.

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