5 Ways How To Consume CBD While Avoiding Its Taste

5 Ways How To Consume CBD While Avoiding Its Taste

Abundant medicinal properties of CBD have been quickly spreading its name all around the world. While reasons for consuming it vary from person to person, universally people agree that it can be a life changing aid for their ailments. Nevertheless, like all great things in life CBD also has its drawbacks. If you ever tried it in its true form, CBD oil, then you will be familiar with the an earthy, bitter taste. Although some people enjoy the taste, a lot of people find it unpleasant to have live with the taste to get the benefits it offers.

Is there a way to get the upside without dreading the CBD oil taste? Our team asked the same question and set out a journey to find out what are the other available ways how to consume CBD. We found 5 different options which we will share with you below.

1. CBD Pills –Tasteless and Easy Way to Get Your CBD

Using CBD Pill

CBD capsules is the second most popular way of consuming CBD after CBD oil. There are a few reasons why people love the so much.

Firstly, CBD capsules come in a coating that prevents the contents of the capsule from touching your taste buds. As a result, you don’t feel any taste or aftertaste that could put you off and make you dread from the thought of having to take the next intake. This options is incredibly helpful to those who are more sensitive to strong tastes as CBD taste might take a bit of time to get used to.

Secondly, CBD oil might be a convenient way of using CBD at home, but carrying a bottle of liquid in your bag might be a bit more difficult. As all of us will be familiar consuming liquids on the go is always a risky venture. Starting from a rouge drop which accidentally falls on the most visible part of your shirt before a meeting to poorly tightened screw top that allows for small (or worse, big) leaks of liquid in your bag might easily ruin your day. As a solution to that problem a lot of people go for capsules which are much easier to carry as well as are a more inconspicuous way of getting your CBD when your need it.

Thirdly, unlike CBD oil, CBD capsules when swallowed are absorbed over a period of time. That allows your body to gradually take in cannabiliol (CBD) doing so more efficiently and at a pace that your body needs. As each of our bodies have an internal limit of how much cannabidiol we can absorb in over a period of time, any excess over that limit leaves our body in natural ways and ends us wasted. Having said all that, due to the capsule coating CBD absorption is not as immediate and quick as it is with CBD oil. Therefore, if your are looking for an immediate effect, you may still want to have access to CBD in oil form.

2. CBD Vape Oil/CBD E-Juice – Pleasant Vaping Experience

Vaping CBD E-Liquid Juice

Did you know that our lungs have over 300 million alveoli (tiny air sacs in your lung, allowing for rapid gaseous exchange)? Hint, these are responsible for our ability to rapidly absorb large quantities of oxygen and release CO2. This is also the same how we take in nicotine and other substances such as CBD from vapes. Because of the dense network of alveoli, vaping is the fastest oral way how to consume CBD. Not only taking CBD in this way avoids its taste, on the contrary mix with different flavors such as menthol, green apple, or some sweet berries can give you a small pleasant indulgence to look forward to.

To use CBD in the form of vape oil, you need to be above legal age limit. Furthermore, if you have not tried CBD before it is advisable to start with very low does to see what works for you as well as to avoid consuming too much over too short period of time.

3. Using CBD Oil in Your Food – Effortlessly Enrich Your Diet

CBD Infused Food Doughnut

There is no one in this world who does not have their favorite dish. Should it be your morning smoothie, afternoon salad or your healthy spread on a toast, your can easily mix in some CBD. If you ingest CBD with other beneficial fats (such as the fat in coconut milk) it betters the absorption into your system. Therefore, putting in a drop or a few of cannabidiol into your milk drink, yogurt or similar food can be a quick option. From our own personal experience using CBD with foods that have stronger tastes or mixing it in with stronger herbs (ie. salad dressing), might be advisable if you are looking to overpower its specific taste. Otherwise, the milder is the taste of other ingredients in the food the stronger you will feel the CBD oil.

As a word of caution, although hemp oil forms the base which holds CBD in CBD oil, it is not advisable to place CBD oil over direct heat. Direct exposure to heat may cause oxidation of the oil and result in not so beneficial substances occurring in the heated up liquid. Secondly, warming the oil may reduce its effectiveness, cause it to loose terpenes and other volatile compounds that work in tandem with the CBD to increase the potency. Most importantly, it will taste absolutely foul and make your kitchen smell like Bob Marley’s studio, so be warned.

4. CBD Tea – Aroma and Flavor with Benefits

The world is full of tea fans. Who does not love to kick-start their day with a sip of their favorite tea on a sunny morning? If you share this passion, then you might have found a way how to bid farewell to the unlovely CBD taste. With the increasing popularity of the CBD, new ways have come up how to better your experience. CBD and herbal tea blends is one of the latest ways offering you to effortlessly get the benefits of cannabidiol without even realizing it. What could be better than knowing that the pleasant aroma and flavor of your tea is also helping you live a longer and happier life.

5. CBD Infused Water – Sage No Frills Way to Use CBD

If you are one of those people who rather than fighting the CBD oil taste embrace the fact that medicine is not meant to taste good, then CBD water may be the way for you. Although you can buy CBD water in stores, there is no rocket science behind it. Putting in your regular dose of CBD in a glass of water and stirring it before you drink, will help dilute the taste while maintaining all of the good properties of the herb. Also, it is no frills way to consume CBD in a workplace or at home over extended period of time.

Bonus: If You Have a Sweet-Tooth

If you are like us and have a sweet-tooth or love to reward yourself after a long day with a treat, then this might be a way for you. While in lesser quantities, CBD can now be found in gummies, chocolates and even cookies. Usually the quantities of CBD in these range anywhere from 10 – 20 mg per 100 g that might be sufficient to yield longer term benefits of CBD.

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