CBD Dog Treats – 5 Most Popular Questions Answered

CBD Dog Treats – 5 Most Popular Questions Answered

For many of us, our dogs are more than just a furry companion. They bring a constant stream of unconditional love and joy into our everyday lives, making it impossible to not want the very best for them. Ensuring optimal mental and physical health for your four-legged family member goes beyond playtime and belly rubs. What your dog eats plays a major role in its wellbeing. Also, sometimes basic dog food is not enough.

This is why the pet industry is overflowing with supplements. But, as with all unnatural drugs, it is tough to be 100% certain that the chemicals inside them are not harmful. Organic products, like CBD dog treats, are a much safer option, and they offer tons of health benefits. To help you better understand CBD dog treats, I have answered 5 of the most common questions regarding their use.

What are CBD treats for dogs?

CBD is an option for patients with various ailments and seeking relief. Now, as studies and research dig deeper, more information is brought to the surface. Pet owners and veterinarians are now learning that CBD provides benefits to pets as well. In fact, a survey conducted by the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association showed that 61.8% to 95% of pet owners have endorsed the health benefits of treats with CBD in them. These results are not surprising. CBD treats are non-toxic.

Research has shown that that CBD does not have much influence on the brain’s CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are the most influenced by THC, the cannabinoid in marijuana that affects cognition causing a feeling of being “stoned”. Therefore, the treats will not cause your dog to experience a “high”. They could have some impact on the mental functioning that is responsible for anxiety and pain in your canine friend.

How CBD treats work?

Most mammals have cannabinoid receptors that run throughout the nervous system. These natural cannabinoids in your pet are called anandamide. These receptors govern and regulate things such as our pain tolerance, hunger, emotional state, and memory.

As mentioned previously, CBD treats do not interact with THC receptors. In fact, the CBD in dog treats suppresses and counteracts THC effects. Instead, the CBD binds to the different receptors in the brain that moderate body temperature, suppress and alleviate pain, among other effects. The receptors may also attach to receptors in other parts of your dog’s body, to produce its effects.

What are they used for?

The main claims of reputable CBD dog treat center around cannabidiol’s influence on the body and brain. Although CBD treats will not resolve the problem, they may alleviate some symptoms of numerous neurological and painful states. These claims are backed up by intense research into the topic.

Studies have shown CBD could be a powerful pain-reliever that lessens inflammation and suppresses pain. This effect can speed up the healing process, or make a dog’s disease more manageable. For this reason, dog owners use CBD treats to manage pain in their pets. The treats have further been used to mitigate stresses as a result of startling noises, travel, and separation anxiety.

As CBD influences the emotional state of a pet, pet owners also use the treats to stabilize and calm their dogs before they will have heart issues. CBD treats have also been used to stimulate appetite in dogs that are finding it difficult or are refusing to eat. CBD treats are non-toxic and are a natural supplement, so, in many cases, they are used in place of prescription medications that cause adverse effects. The treats come in a variety of flavors, which may make them a viable option for dogs who resist injections, or those who are unaffected by standard medication.

The treats can also be used in dogs that have perfect physical health. If you want to improve your pet’s mental and emotional wellbeing, then CBD treats are safe and could be the solution for your furry friend.

How many should I give to my dog?

With their many tastes and benefits, chances are your dog will love CBD treats. But, although the treats are not in themselves harmful or toxic, dogs are known to have a reaction to most foods given to them. So, make sure to start off with the smallest amount possible, and then work your way up to the recommended serving if no adverse effects arise. You should also speak to your vet before giving your dog CBD treats, to play it safe.

Being patient with the dosage you give is important, even if benefits do not appear immediately or to the extent you want them to. It will take time for the medicinal qualities of CBD to take effect, so have faith and tread lightly. If anything appears to be off, stop usage and contact your vet.

How often should I give them to my dog?

The CBD in the treats attaches to receptors for a longer period than your dog’s natural cannabinoids. This should result in over 4 hours of effect from just 1 dose, and no need to excessively dose throughout the day. If your pet manages to raid the cupboard and eat more than one day’s share of treats, then you don’t have to worry about an overdose. Since the treats contain no THC, there will be no psychoactive impact, and your dog will experience symptoms caused by overeating.

Be sure to strictly follow the package directions and to never administer more treats than what is recommended for your dog’s weight. It is good to speak beforehand to a vet who has worked with dogs that are being consuming CBD.

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