CBD in Spas and Spa Treatments

CBD (cannabidiol) oils and other CBD products derived from hemp are continuing to gain ground and acceptance in many states within US and countries globally, and so – they are becoming even more popular than before. People usually take CBD oils orally, through topical application, vaping, and other ways based on personal preference.


Furthermore, the scientific community is coming out with increasing number of medical studies suggesting potential health benefits of CBD and CBD – containing products, such as reducing inflammation, easing anxiety and muscle pain.

Now spa owners are also joining the trend as they discover CBD benefits and start offering luxurious spa treatments which involve CBD – based products. When it comes to such treatments, CBD can help you feel more relaxed without getting you “high”.

Each day more and more spas are becoming interested in treatments involving CBD and the different ways it might improve the health of their customers.

WHO gives CBD a “good safety profile”

Although CBD products are considered safe to use by the majority of users and have achieved approval in many places around the world, a lot of people need hard and straight facts to get comfortable with using CBD derived products.

This comes as a surprise following the move by the World Health Organization (“WHO”) to give CBD a good safety profile. And while WHO continues to investigate and monitor CBD, it had stated that the genuine CBD products are “well-tolerated” by most people who use them. This is further supported by no meaningful side effects experienced by CBD product users unless they are using synthetic CBD or take fake products containing potentially dangerous substances and no trace of actual CBD, synthetic or natural.

For now, WHO stated (December, 2017) that CBD should have a separate drug schedule allocated. Discussions and reviews regarding CBD continue, but the outlook seems positive and highly promising, as CBD itself.

Are CBD products legal?

CBD products are legal if industrial hemp is used as the source of the active ingredient cannabidiol and the hemp itself is produced according to an agricultural pilot program authorized under the Farm Bill.

Still, tensions between federal and state authorities arise on occasion as the DEA is under a view that only federal law legislating hemp production is acceptable nationwide and tends to ignore the Farm Bill under which states set up their pilot programs.

However, there is finally some hope that DEA will change their harsh stance, as DEA public affairs officer recently told Business Insider. And the recent approval by FDA of CBD-based pharmaceutical drug further supports potential reform federally.

Spas are now going with the CBD trend

When it comes to the beauty scene, cannabis is not exactly a new trend. But the interest in CBD has just started blooming, with CBD-based treatments and beauty products gradually becoming an acceptable category of products for wellness.

And it is about time, considering that so many users have experienced the benefits of using CBD without dealing with the psychotropic “high” that comes with cannabis derived products containing THC.

This makes them safer and more appealing to the general public because the products focus more on the benefits rather than getting people “high”.

SpaFinder projected CBD as one of the top trends while Equinox made use of cannabis leaves in one of its major campaigns.

This is further supported by scientists who are continually coming out with new evidence that CBD oils and CBD based products could be very beneficial for various health treatments.

The benefits of CBD products and treatments

When talking about CBD, it always goes back to the increasing public and government acceptance. This is the reason why CBD containing products have found their way into the beauty industry and are becoming more popular in spas. Let us look at the benefits of CBD which makes it excellent for spa users:

  • CBD products are non-psychoactive, and have potential anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-anxiety properties which could make them a perfect addition to spa treatments.
  • The treatments which involve CBD only will not make you feel “high”.
  • What makes CBD products so effective is that the CBD component directly binds with the person’s TRPV1 receptors. These receptors are abundantly found in the cells of the skin which is why a user could feel the effects immediately.
  • For people who prefer organic products, CBD oils fit the bill perfectly when derived from organically grown hemp plants, whose extraordinary potential healing properties and skin nurturing properties have been known for centuries.
  • Treatments which involve CBD can provide relief from sore muscles and other ailments. The products have been found to provide a warming effect in some users which could lead to an experience of a more profound relaxation.
  • What is more, treatments such as massages which include CBD oil could increase the clients’ feelings of rejuvenation and result in possible reductions in discomfort or pain. Some CBD users even report that feeling a “sensory awakening” after deep tissue massages combined with CBD oil.

However, if you want to start using CBD products or getting CBD treatments, it is best to ask the spa whether the products contain CBD or THC and consult with your doctor if you plan to use CBD in any other way than topically.

And in doing so, be very careful, because there are several cannabis oils, massage lotions, and bath products which contain THC. Whether you are a spa owner or a client, it is important to know the difference and to know exactly what is in the products you intend using.

The wonders of CBD for the skin

Just like the skincare products, CBD oils, lotions, and other CBD-based therapeutic products have grown in popularity. When spas incorporate such products into their treatments, it comes with huge potential for their clientele as well.

As CBD keeps on making headlines, the manufacturers of CBD products take note of all the skin-related benefits it might provide. According to research, this wonderful component could be very beneficial to the skin which is why CBD-based skincare products are becoming very popular too. Such products could soothe and calm sensitive skin, treat skin issues, and help maintain the lipid balance of the skin. Just make sure that the products have a clean and botanical-rich formula without any harsh chemicals.

A change in perception

Experts and insiders in the beauty industry have seen how much of an impact CBD has made in such a short time already. In the past few years, CBD has come a long way as people have begun changing their perceptions. Rather than feeling ashamed or fearful about CBD, a lot of people are receiving more education about all the benefits of CBD. Growing number of scientific studies and research helps make the public aware, and now, various health and wellness industries use and promote products which contain CBD.

As a society, we always search for the next big thing, and currently that happens to be CBD. Spas have started using these products in their massage treatments and who knows? We might see CBD-infused facials, manis, and pedis next! CBD products have a lot of potential, and it is up to the spa owners to come up with innovative treatments which involve them.

BONUS: A few ideas to get your Spa up and running with CBD treatments

While the list of potential uses is virtually endless, we offer you and your spa a few ideas to get you started with CBD:

• As mentioned already, you could use CBD oil combined with a carrier oil and other etheric oils in massage treatments.
• Another great idea is to offer CBD infused baths and soaks. A lot of users who have experienced such treatments report great relaxation benefits.
• It is also possible to offer Spa users CBD products before the Spa day, whether it is tea, CBD oil or any other product. However, be careful and check with your state regulations, whether administering CBD in any other way than topically is legal in your locality.

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