Forget About Sleepless Nights: Improve Sleep with CBD Oil

Forget About Sleepless Nights: Improve Sleep with CBD Oil

Another night of tossing and turning in bed, not being able to sleep? As you lay there in the dark, with all those thoughts running through your mind, there’s probably a particular one that gives you dread: thinking how difficult it will be for you to function the following day. Whether it’s work, relationships, or just getting on with your daily activities, insomnia strips you from performing at your best. Suffering from sleep problems is a modern day nightmare, and, unfortunately – quite a common one: 30%-50% of the US population report to suffer from sleeping problems, with 10% having chronic cases of insomnia.

Sleep deprivation can make you feel pretty desperate, and get you to the point where you would take ANYTHING that would alleviate the symptoms without really thinking about the impact on your health and overall wellbeing. That’s why it’s no surprise that more than 8.6 million adult Americans use prescription sleep aid that usually has varying degrees of negative side effects.
But what if there was a better solution? What if there was something that would help you get your quality sleep back, contain no harmful chemicals AND actually be super good for your mind-body complex? Well, the good news is that now such a solution exists – it’s CBD oil.

Before you start popping pharmaceutical pills, read about 2 ways how CBD can change your sleep – and life – for the better, without causing harmful effects on your overall wellbeing.

1. CBD oil reduces stress and anxiety – the main causes of insomnia.

CBD oil is anti-anxiolytic – this means it is known to significantly decrease anxiety levels. Cannabidiol is the active compound of CBD oil that works together with our ECS, or endocannabinoid system. It is responsible for all the homeostatic functions in our bodies and for maintaining balance. A few studies also shown that CBD can help patients with acute pain to sleep better, and even mellow the symptoms of PTSD associated with bad night’s sleep. When our ECS perform at a high level, we get to experience health and wellbeing.A human study done in Brazil had a group of healthy volunteers with experimentally-induced anxiety – they used the simulated public speaking or SPS model. Then the scientists administered CBD and a placebo to two test groups who had Social Anxiety Disorder, also known as SAD. The experiment showed that the group who were given the placebo had far higher levels of stress and anxiety compared to that who were given CBD. In fact, the people who were given CBD performed at a similar level with the healthy controls of the experiment.

2. CBD oil improves sleep without the harmful effects of the pharmaceutical sleep aid solutions.

According to MarketsandMarkets and their 2016 research, Americans spent $3.38 billion on prescription sedatives and hypnotics, over-the-counter (OTC) sleep drugs, and herbal sleep aids. Their research projected a 4.5 percent growth rate between then and 2021. But what is often overlooked with such number-based stats is the harmful effects of the sleep aid remedies on one’s health.

In the paper Dr. Kripke reviews 40 studies done on various pharmaceutical sleep drugs. It showed that 39 of them revealed a link between the use of hypnotic sleep aids and an increase in mortality rates. According to Dr. Kripke, even limited use of sleeping pills causes “next day functional impairment.” It also increases risk of “on-the-road driver-at-fault crashes” and the number of falls and accidental injuries – especially among seniors. Dr. Kripke also revealed that the use of hypnotic sleep pills was associated with “2.1 times” as many new depression incidents compared to randomized placebo recipients – and it even increased the risk of suicide.

While there are some side effects potentially associated with the use of CBD, such as dry mouth and low blood pressure, they are not nearly as serious or worrying as the ones associated with over the counter sleep pills.

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