How to Recover After an Intensive Workout

How to Recover After an Intensive Workout

Workout is an important part of your body’s daily routine. That is especially true if you want to be healthy and fit. It is normally practiced to improve one’s fitness, ability or performance. It could also be done to try out one’s stamina or explore physical limits. However, despite all the benefits that a workout has, it may also lead to some less intended consequences as a result of intensive training.

Post-workout experiences

After an intense workout, it is normal to be dog-tired. You may also experience muscle pains, cramps, facial redness, mild nausea or headaches.

1. Ached and muscle pains. Muscle pains could always be as a result of overexertion or injury, infections or even inflammatory conditions. This condition normally occurs after a rigorous engagement in physical exercise that your body wasn’t used to. It occurs following a unique intensive workout, after activities such as sports that highly strain your musculus groups. Intense physical exercises strain muscular fibers such that they get sore one or two days after. You can manage this condition by properly conditioning your body before engaging in such exercises.

2. Facial redness. As much as this condition may worry many people, there is actually no need to worry too much as this condition is just the body’s normal response to an intensive physical exertion your body may not be used to. During exercise, people tend to breathe faster to increase the level of oxygen in the blood. Your heart tends to beat faster while blood flow increases to your muscles. The capillaries vasodilate to allocate more oxygen to the muscular groups. It is this widening of the capillaries that bring about the reddening of the skin, particularly, the face during exercise.

3. Mild nausea/ headache. Some people, especially the athletes may view nausea, vomiting or even dizziness as a tag of honor but that is a myth. There is no need hurting your body by subjecting yourself too many exercises which may not just exhaust you, but also expose you to health problems. Intense physical exertions bring about nausea in many ways. Firstly, it drafts away blood from the stomach liners, causing nausea. Secondly, dehydration can make you feel dizzy, which is normally accompanied by nausea or a headache. Therefore, drink adequate water when having your exercise to prevent dehydration.

4. Muscle cramp. Muscle cramps could either begin during exercising or soon after the workout. They are commonly an outcome of affected muscles not getting adequate oxygen at the time of physical exertion due to intensive exercise. Also, gorging or dehydration could cause workout-related muscle cramps too. Muscles that are normally used are more likely to experience cramping than those occasionally used. In addition, binging soon before exercising can also increase the chances of muscle cramps, as well as eating foods rich in proteins and fats.

Tips on how to recover faster from an intensive workout

It is healthy to go for physical exertions, though, spending hours on it may actually cause some challenges which you would like to recover from as fast as possible. Recovery and rest are very important but it should come about before advancement can be made. Some of the tips on how to recover faster from intensive workout include:

1. Quality sleep. Many people involve in a healthy workout but one thing they forget is recovery, which is more important than just the physical exertion itself. One best factor to recover is having an adequate and quality sleep. People who involve in a workout, especially the athletes, soccer players or any other sportsperson should have 8 hours of quality sleep. Getting quality sleep isn’t a unique thing, you just have to do the following: switch off your mobile phone one hour to bedtime, do nothing else but sleeping, switching off your bedroom lights. Normally, from 10 pm to 6 am is thought to be the best hours of quality sleep.

2. Hydrate your body. During exercises, the body loses a lot of water through sweating. It is therefore important to consider hydrating the body during the recovery time. Water aids in the digestion of vital nutrients that helps in the repair of muscles impaired in the process of carrying out your exercises. It is also very important to note that the muscles are made of 75% water. That means when you drink enough water after exercising, you will gain from the following benefits: muscular repair, heart rate recovery, reduced fatigue, and digestion.

3. Proper nutrition. After physical exertions, people, especially athletes, sportspeople are low, desiccated and mentally exhausted. It is at this point that the body needs proper nutrition to hydrate, refuel and to fix and build the body. Nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fluids are essential to any person that needs to recover from an intense workout. Carbohydrates aid in the replacement of glycogen, fats should be between 20-30% of the calorie taken while drinking between 15 to 20 ounces of water.

4. Massage. Myofascial release is a technique that massage therapists have used for a couple of years now. What they do is that they apply a low compressor load for some time, applying it across the soft-tissue layers within the body. This process helps to loosen up tight muscles created between the layers of the muscles thereby enabling the muscles to their normal state if normal functioning. Though you can also opt for a foam roller, it cannot be compared to the services a massage therapist would provide. CBD products could also offer a solution to muscle soreness. Many people go for painkillers, depressants et cetera to relieve the discomfort, but many a times this is not the best treatment and that is why most people are now turning to cannabidiol to help them with sore muscles. There are many CBD products out there, so you need to consult your physician before settling on any because some of them could have side effects, especially to those with unstable health conditions.

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