Pain and CBD’s Potential Effect

Pain and CBD’s Potential Effect

The phrase “affective-motivational dimension,” refers to the relationship between pain and perception; a rather complex relationship.

Pain is multidimensional; it is “an experience that has somatosensory, affective, motivational and cognitive characteristics.” Pain also affects several regions of the brain, which makes the relationship between pain and perception difficult to analyze.

This study analyzed whether the application of CBD has an effect on pain in the varied ways it can be perceived and experienced. The research yielded several results. Most notable was “systemic” application of CBD reduces mechanical allodynia in the injured subjects.

The researchers concluded that there is evidence “CBD influences different dimensions of the response of rats to a surgical incision.” This is one of the first studies to show that CBD can have an effect on the perception of pain, which paves the way for future research in this area.

What’s Next?
The findings from these studies are broad, ranging from treatment of serious disorders to quirky ancillary information. Ultimately, these aren’t the first studies to be done on the efficacy of CBD as a medical therapy.

Fundamentally, the true importance of these studies and reviews is the fact that many of them, and the researchers behind them, are building from earlier findings, theories, and research efforts.

Their impact is not only the actual results but the way those results echo into the CBD research field. These studies are a call to action, reflecting the vast need to dig deeper into the potential benefits of CBD as an alternative treatment for so many disorders.

More research, trials, and studies are needed to fully understand the long-term effects and benefits of this potentially game-changing way to approach treatments. This year was progressive in changing the perception of cannabidiol and highlighting its potential uses; here’s looking to 2018 to continue working toward research growth!

Authors: Karina Genaro, Débora Fabris, Ana L. F. Arantes, Antônio W. Zuardi, José A. S. Crippa, and Wiliam A. Prado; University of São Paulo; National Institute of Science and Technology for Translational Medicine

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