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Video Transcription:

Hey what’s up everybody it’s Seibo Shen here of vapexhale and today we’re going to do something a little bit different. I got sent some CBD dog treats from a good friend Carl who works for Purity Petibles and it’s really cool stuff. So I know that CBD has been in the news quite a bit lately. A lot of athletes have been utilizing CBD to to deal with inflammation and major injuries but I don’t know if a lot of people are thinking CBD might help for their pets, or for other people not just athletes.

Basically CBD is a cannabinoid that is not psychoactive so when you consume it it doesn’t get you high. You don’t have a change of consciousness and it’s a really great thing for people who want to get the benefits of cannabis without getting high. So I’ve actually had these pet treats now for over a week and here let me show you how they look like. They’re pretty cool right here and I’ve been testing them out with my three dogs.

I got two dogs that are 13 years old I also got a dog that is 10 years old so they’re kind of on the older side. Many of them aren’t able to get on the bed anymore. They also suffer from anxiety like if they’re fireworks going off or if it’s really windy outside they get really scared they start chewing up the house so I’ve been looking for a way to help manage this and I was told to try some CBD treats so like I said I was lucky enough to have someone sent some to me and over the course of the last 10 days I I’ve been giving these to my dogs and really trying to notice if there is some additional effect to it and my pit bull who has an anxiety she’s been doing much better she would really run into the room every time she heard loud noises and things like that but now after taking these pet treats uh she’s been really calm you know she does have a few bouts of anxiety here and there but overall she seems to be much more calmer and less anxious I mean she’ll drool a lot when she’s anxious so that has subsided and for my two other dogs my bull terrier and my beagle they’ve both been really enjoying it I mean the ingredients in here are rice bran, cane molasses, rice flour, tapioca starch, cheese flavor, lecithin, safflower oil, glycerin, passion flower, valerian root, ginger root, calcium and CBD oil.

So as far as I could tell I’m not a nutritionist but they all seem to be really good ingredients. My pets seem to really love it and my older dog the Beagle who is 13 years old he couldn’t jump on the bed over the last couple of years and we actually like that because we don’t have the dogs on the bed but after taking these CBD treats he started jumping up on the bed. So my assumption was that his joints started feeling better, he was feeling more active so you know I think that’s a really positive thing to to notice in your dog to see them more vigorous so I’m a big fan of these dog treats so if you guys are interested in buying them you can get them at and thank you guys for watching you know I’m really happy with these dog treats and if anyone else well you know wants us to review anything over here at vapexhale go ahead and just leave a message and we’re happy to to take a look at the product and see what we think I’m really happy with these CBD dog treats I think that people who who don’t know too much about a CBD and things like that you know this would be really good for them to start off with you know and like I said it it only took a few days for my dogs to start to start getting some good effects from utilizing the the CBD dog treats so two thumbs up from vapexhale and thanks for watching guys

Video Highlights:
0:19 – CBD and its benefits.
1:06 – What does it look like?
1:57 – Effects of Hemp Pet Treats to dogs!
2:29 – What are the Ingredients?
2:57 – Additional effects of Hemp Pet Treats to dogs!
3:32 – Where can I buy the treats?
3:36 – How does seibo shen feel about the treats?

So what do you guys think? Feel free to check our website!
Always remember that we value you & your pet above anything else.

Carl Saling III,

CBD for pets

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