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How To Choose A CBD Oil For Your Dog

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CBD oil can be effective in helping a variety of conditions in dogs, including anxiety, hyperactivity, arthritis and even seizures. After learning of the success stories, many pet owners are turning to CBD oil to treat their pets and promote their health. While CBD oil itself is very safe, many brands advertise “pure CBD” but the products may also contain pesticides, synthetic materials and harsh metals. Some may not even contain CBD at all. When choosing a CBD brand that is pure and natural for your pup, consider the following factors:

• Where is the CBD sourced from?
Because CBD oil is a natural product, the source is arguably the most important factor. CBD is commonly sourced from the Hemp plant, which tends to absorb whatever may be in the soil. This means you should look for CBD that derived from Hemp from clean soil, free of pesticides and toxins. Look for information about Hemp sourcing on a brand before purchasing its products. At “Your CBD Store”, we are highly selective about the quality of Hemp we use, which is why we source out CBD from non-GMO, organic-certified, premium grade Hemp.

• Can I see the lab results?
Most reputable CBD companies verify the purity and potency of their products with a third-party lab. This information should be readily available to you, whether you ask for it or it is published online. Independent lab results are the best way to confirm a CBD brand’s claims about the quality of CBD in their products.

• Are there dosing instructions?
Unlike traditional medications, the dosing guidelines for CBD oil are not precise or exact. However, it is still important to have a good idea of how much oil to give to your dog to experience effective results. Because CBD oil is offered in different potency levels, make sure your CBD brand publishes dosing guidelines to provide clear instruction on how much of the product is recommended per dose for your dog’s specific needs. If you are using “Your CBD Store’s”CBD Oil, check out our CBD Oil for Dogs Dosing Guidelines.

• Is this product the right size for my dog?
Along with dosing guidelines, it’s important to choose a CBD oil that is the right size for your pup. A little dog with minimal health needs will need a much smaller dose than a large dog with severe pain or anxiety. Pay close attention to the milligrams per bottle when shopping for a CBD oil. “Your CBD Store” CBD oils are available in 125mg, 300mg and 1,000mg.

• Is the product designed specifically for animals?
While many CBD oils designed for humans are theoretically safe to give to pets, it’s a good idea to look for a product that specifically targets dogs. This allows you to ensure your CBD oil is not only safe for pets but also designed to maximize the benefits for pets. May CBD products aimed at dogs will include pet-friendly flavors.

CBD for pets

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