Hey EllisFamLifers, and welcome to our channel! We’ve tried a LOOOOOOT of different things to help our autistic twins…everything from ketosis, to probiotics, to tight schedules for sleeping and eating. Nothing comes close to CBD in terms of how QUICKLY I saw changes…they started making more eye contact, less stimming, and the BIG one: fewer meltdowns…at the very first dose!
And we’re excited to share those results with you! If you’d like to see more of our story, be sure to check out our channel, and specifically the playlists for CBD Reviews & How-tos:

And CBD After Moments With Our Twins:

*This statement has not been evaluated by the USFDA. Always check with your doctor first if you have questions about consuming CBD.

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We now have a CBD FaceBook group!!! If you’re interested in knowing more about CBD and autism; want access to discount codes and articles, and want to connect with others for whom CBD is working, then check out our closed FB group: EllisFamLife #autistictwins CBD VIP! Simply search on FB and then send me a request to join…hope to see you there!

Leave a comment if you’d like to TRY CBD for yourself or autistic loved one; have ALREADY tried it; and/or HOW it worked!!

We’re a family of 6, doing life with nonverbal autistic twin boys…This is EllisFamLife #autistictwins, where we want to raise, relate, and educate…
Raise awareness and acceptance of nonverbal autism; relate to you and the autistic person in your life; and educate about nonverbal autism by sharing what our life looks like with nonverbal autistic twins, Alex and Will. We like to keep it real, share fun and serious stories, tips of the trade, anecdotes, and basically, what our daily life looks like. New videos loaded on Wednesdays and Saturdays…Check out our YouTube channel: EllisFamLife #autistictwins.

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CBD Reviews & How-tos

CBD After Moments with the Twins

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Autism Education with Alex & Will



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*Editing Goofs*

In the video, I butcher the pronunciation of “cannibinoid”…My ADHD brain was moving so fast that I completely left out a syllable, much to my embarrassment, haha. Makes me sound like a genuine hillbilly…(and PROUD OF IT, thank you very much! LOL!!)

Also, in the video I reference that the twins have NO FEAR….well…let me rephrase that: they have no fear of things like the outside, moving cars (they are fascinated), the woods, running away from caregivers, that sort of thing. They ARE afraid of loud noises, high places, jumping in the water uninhibited (that was BEFORE CBD)…so I probably shouldn’t say “NO FEAR”. Lol, But I guess y’all get me…


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