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Peace, beautiful beings! I’m so excited to share this highly requested video with all of you. Like I said in the video, please don’t hesitate to ask questions that weren’t answered in the video below.
For those of you with limited time, I added a timestamp list below so you can get the answers to the specific questions you have ☟

4:28 What is CBD?
5:52 Why doesn’t CBD make you feel “high”?
6:48 Hemp vs Marijuana
8:29 What sets Nuleaf apart from other CBD brands?
9:45 Full Spectrum vs Isolates
12:07 Are brands required to label products Full Spectrum or Isolate?
13:16 How is CBD oil extracted from the plant?
14:05 How much CBD should one take?
15:02 Which CBD bottle should I buy from Nuleaf?
15:26 What’s the best way to take CBD oil?

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