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I did a 1 year update video on my experience:

Let me know how your experience with CBD was and if you have any questions let me know in the comment section. Thanks

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Some Q&A’s that you might have taken from Thoughcl0ud:

Q – What is CBD?
Cannabidiol—CBD— is a molecular constituent of the hemp plant that has significant scientifically proven medical benefits. CBD will not make you feel “stoned” or “high.” In fact, it has the ability to counteract the psycho-activity of THC! CBD-rich oil from hemp (CBD oil) has been shown in many studies to help treat inflammation, pain, anxiety, stress, depression, psychosis, spasms, and other conditions without feeling drowsy or euphoric when taking the recommended serving.

Q – Will CBD show up on a drug test?
In short, you have a 0.1% chance with Full Spectrum products when taking the recommended serving, as it contains up to 0.3% THC. With our Sustainable Isolate products there is a 0.00% chance, as we have isolated the CBD so that it contains no THC whatsoever. Both formulas are completely non psychoactive when taking the recommended serving. With 3-5 servings daily of 0.5mg THC (contained in most commercial CBD-rich hemp oil products), the positive urine screen rate is less than 0.1%. Most servings of typical high-quality, high-purity CBD-based hemp oil products contain well below 0.1mg of THC and therefore have upwards of 400-600 times less THC than marijuana products. What does all this mean? Put simply, a consumer who uses a high-quality, scientifically vetted hemp-based product at the standard serving size is highly unlikely to test positive for THC and/or THC-COOH. However, it’s important to be cognizant that extremely high doses may result in a positive urine screen (which would be subsequently shown to be false via GC/MS testing, if available). Ultimately, consumers need to be fully informed of the specific regulations posed by their employers or other authorized parties and adjust their consumption of cannabinoid products accordingly.

Q – What other ingredients are in Thoughtcloud CBD?
Thoughtcloud CBD oil has only organic, non GMO, vegan ingredients. Our extracts contain 100% organic hemp oil and our proprietary full spectrum CBD concentrate. There are no other additives, preservatives, or emulsifiers! Natural flavorings are added to some products, and will be clearly labeled as such.

Q – What is the difference between coconut oil and cold pressed hemp?
The only difference between the coconut full spectrum blend and the hemp full spectrum blend is the carrier oils that sustain the cannabinoids. We recommend using the coconut oil for a milder flavor, but offer the hemp for consumers who have an allergy to coconut, which has a more earthy, herbal taste.

Q – How do you extract the CBD and other cannabinoids from the raw plant material?
We use the most environmentally friendly CO2 extraction methods which clear all toxins, heavy metals, and excess chemicals that degrade CBD oil. CO2 is safe and leaves behind no chemical trace whatsoever. This allows our CBD oil to remain healthy and free of phytochemicals and other unwanted plant material.

Q – Is it safe to use Thoughtcloud CBD while pregnant and/or breastfeeding?
While we always recommend consulting your licensed medical doctor, they may not know much about CBD yet and you may want to go into the appointment with the following information:
Our oils have up to 0.3% THC unless you use the Isolate formula which has 0.0%. Neither will produce psychoactive results at the suggested dosage. We have known many women who have taken CBD while pregnant or breastfeeding and they have reported no adverse affects. Again, we recommend consulting with your doctor before use and for any concerns, but here is a study you may find interesting:

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