Top 10 Time & Money Saving Tips When Starting a CBD Business – CBD Video

If you are starting your own CBD company, these tips will save you time, money and headaches. This is for those who want to start a CBD business with your own brand.

This will be the best 11 minutes you’ve spent thus far! Listen to Todd Smith, Co-Founder of Joy Organics, share his top 10 tips.

1. Build your knowledge. Look for a guide called “The Ultimate CBD Guide” This guide is the most accurate on CBD, it’s history, it’s health benefits

2. Get Started. Don’t try to analyze everything at the start, just get into the market and you will learn a lot when you get there.

3. Select a good name. Don’t select a name that will get you in trouble. Don’t select a name with CBD, hemp or cannabis. What you may not yet recognize is there is probably no bank in your state that will do business with somebody selling CBD. So having that in your name is a like a waving a big red flag that you are in the CBD Business. Also select a name that you can expand.

4. Design a logo. I would recommend using someone like 99Designs.

5. Set up your company and I would recommend setting up an LLC . I used legal zoom and in a period of about 15 minutes you can set up your own entity. I just selected the least expensive process.

6. Design your website. You can google website templates. There is a great company called Theme Forest. I recommend you use woo commerce. You can’t use Shopify. They will shut you down.

7. Select a good partner to sell you your CBD compound. At Joy Organics we use powder in some, oil in some. We offer private and white label services. The number one priority in selecting a partner is the product. You want a product that is going to enable your customers to have a positive experience.

8. Be careful with your bank account. The thing I recommend that you do there is don’t tell your bank that what you sell. Kind of like Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell. You may want to consider selling other products besides CBD.

9. Find a CBD Processor. The number one stressful thing I did when starting Joy Organics was setting up a merchant account. You can not just go to any merchant processing company that you are aware of. They do not do CBD processing. You need to find a CBD processor. A company that does processing for CBD. Ideally you want to find one in the United States.

10. Start by selling the most popular products first.


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